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The Best Piano Movers in Toronto

If you own a valuable piano in your house and you're going elsewhere, you may be tempted to just attempt to move it yourself. You might not want to pay Toronto piano movers if you're only moving a short distance or you have a small piano — instead, you might think you can do it yourself. Don't fall victim to this mindset! Transferring a piano isn't like moving other large pieces of furniture. Pianos are extremely sensitive, and making one wrong step while you move the piano can destroy this piece of beautiful artwork. GTA Moving Services hires professional piano movers to easily and safely move any kind of piano, no matter how huge it is or where it's placed in your residence. With GTA Moving Services, you can feel safe while your valuable instrument is being moved anyplace in Toronto.

Piano Movers in Toronto Can Take Care of Your Piano

There are plenty of various categories of pianos, which means that the process of moving your piano will always be a distinct operation depending on the type and size in the residence.
Pianos are distributed toward different varieties by the way the strings are organized. Grand pianos, as well as baby grands, align the strings horizontally, whereas upright pianos always stay vertical in nature. Another way to classify pianos is by stature. The most small types of pianos are the rather tiny upright pianos. When measuring these, they stand up to 120 cm/4 ft tall, and weigh roughly 150 kg/325 lbs. Afterward is the grand piano, which is typically not taller than 150 cm/5 ft tall, and can measure from 200 to 400 kg/450 to 875 lbs. That's not even the largest, however; the last category is the invaluable German piano; these gigantic pianos often end up weighing up to 450 kg/1,000 lbs, and can often stand at a lofty five feet.

No matter what variety of piano you own, it's critical to take extremely good care of it. Using a dependable piano mover in Toronto will make sure you can evade the consequences that could arise if you make the endeavor to move it yourself. Don't risk giving up the luscious noise of your instrument; our piano movers will reliably ensure that your invaluable piano ends up going to whatever place you need it to go, hassle-free.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

Obviously, an invaluable question many people ask when they're deciding how to transfer their piano is, "Exactly how much does it cost?" Even though the lowest flat rates are $289.99, actual piano moving costs rely on numerous factors. Local moving will cost a separate fee, different from the amount long distance moves will require, the magnitude of your piano will play a part, and the room in which you've located your piano is also an important factor. While some piano movers in Toronto will obviously cost more than others, they're also different when it comes to quality. We have the highest level of excellence, the most experienced piano mover employees, and an extremely competitive cost. Please fill out the form, and we'll definitely give you a free, accurate moving quote!

Our Tips for Safe, Efficient Piano Moving in Toronto

The most important thing to keep in mind about moving different pianos is that it's always extremely involved and hard to understand. Because of that, we highly recommend using a moving service, no matter what other factors are in play — a good piano moving company can adequately decide how to move your piano, because they have training you do not.

First, the piano needs to be completely covered in moving blankets, so that it is protected from all different kinds of scratches and scores. The moving company then will bring it out of your home, placing it into a moving car with specific tools — these devices may include belts, carts, sleds, rails, or something specialized to the company. The vehicle will be specially outfitted with buckles and clasps to guarantee that the piano will stay put during the voyage, and the walls will be coated in soft material so that the vibrations from the vehicle don't harm your piano's excellent sound. Once it's been transported to its new home, it's vital that you just let it sit. Leave the piano all on its own on the day of transit, and let it sit for up to two weeks with all lids shut before retuning and using it.

It's important to take into account what season you'll be transporting your piano; these instruments are hypersensitive to heat and humidity. Especially if you're moving in Toronto, consider outlining your plan to move at some time in the spring and summer.

Our Equipment for Excellent Piano Moving in Toronto

We use a piano skid board so that we can make sure the piano is extremely safe when moved. The piano is then transferred to the flat board, belts created for this purpose are used to pin the piano down to the board, and we then safely transport it to its new home. Even better, our piano moving trucks are also the best size — they're small, so they can park on the sometimes-crowded streets of Toronto, but wide enough that they can handle any piano size. We also equip our trucks with extremely well-maintained lifting mechanisms to ensure that loading is safe, and unloading even more so.

A Qualified, Efficient Team of Piano Movers in Toronto

At GTA Moving, we wholeheartedly believe that our service can only really be as good as the piano movers we employ. That's why we take every precaution to make sure that every person who touches your amazing instrument is experienced, well-qualified, and careful, every single time. We are proud that we maintain the best piano moving service in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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